A Cost-saving phone solution with VoIP technology for your business. Save your telecommunication expenses for other more important needs and get phone cost savings of up to 70% by using D ~ NET Voice.

Product Benefits

We provide the best service for your business with various advantages. Here are the benefits that you will get by using D~NET Voice.

Network Scale Development

You can develop your network easily because VoIP concept only requires internet network.

Clear Sound Quality

Get a clear quality sound while using D~NET Voice.


Using pay as you go telephone concept, D~NET Voice can provide you a more efficient price up to 70%.


Able to use existing Legacy PABX devices without changing network structure.

Easy to use

No need to replace your existing business phone number

Support for All Operatror

A Cost-effective communications solution to all providers including mobile numbers, local (SLJJ) and international (SLI)*.