WiFi Ads

D~NET WiFi Ads is an offline to online media platform to connect with your audience through WiFi connections. Users can target the right visitors at the right time, this way we can encourage new customers to engage with your brand.

Product Benefits

D~NET is committed to providing value to our partners. Here are the benefits you get by using the D~NET WIFI Ads service

Unique Selling Proposition

Users can reach visitors who match their target customers.

Selling Promotion

Provide alternative ways to increase sales.

Image & Video

Run the campaign using the desired media.

Exclusive Ads Location

Target visitors at desired Locations. All WiFi will be sponsored by your brand.

Engage Customer

We provide organic traffic from our spots to your digital platform to create an end-to-end journey for the user.

Custom Registration Page

We provide customized customer registration pages to target people at specific locations to create brand awareness.

Verified Human Impression

With the current Digital Advertising trend, the obstacle that occurs is that your ad doesn't actually see by humans and it causes your advertising budget to be inefficient.

Using D~NET WIFI Ads you know how to use your ads budget!

We guarantee that your advertising content is served directly to every human being with whom we connect.

Step Proses

Step 1

Users connected to WiFi

Step 2

User is familiarized with Brand

Step 3

User is welcomed and interacts with initial Brand’s content

Step 4

User linked to Brand’s website, social media, or e-comm at the end of the journey

Increase Your Sales with D~NET WiFi Ads

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