Business Solution

Advanced Business solutions designed to support your company's business effectiveness and productivity. D ~ NET provides the right solutions to support your business.


An easy, secure and smart messaging solution for your business operational. DREAMS is more than just Email.

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Supported by qualified server storage standard. D~NET Colocation is the right service for your data center storage.

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Smart Wifi Manage Service

Turn visitors into your loyal customers with D~NET Smart WiFi Manage Service and save your operational cost for managing all WiFi devices.

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Smart Gateway

Configuration freedom and ease for your router or MikroTik device.

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A Cost-saving phone solution with VoIP technology for your business. Save your telecommunication expenses for other more important needs and get phone cost savings of up to 70% by using D ~ NET Voice.

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Reliable and easy protection waranty for all your business critical data from various threats. Cloudware comes with two reliable services Cloudware Backup Data and Disaster Recovery for data insurance for your valuable business.

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