Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

AUP is used to protect D~NET and all Internet user communities from any inappropriate use of internet.

Generally, AUP contains all basic rules of the use of D~NET services. D~NET reserves the right to improve and modify this AUP from time to time. Customers are obliged to know all the latest information in this AUP, including all revisions and updates and to obey all the terms in this AUP.

  1. D~NET service can only be used for activities that are not against the law. Any unlawful use of D~NET service will be dealt legally and customers shall bear all the consequences. Any use of customers’ account, with or without customers’ consent, shall be the customers’ full responsibility.
  2. D~NET reserves the right to remove and reject all materials that are contrary to the terms of this AUP, also to disconnect either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice, if it is proven that customers intentionally or unintentionally do one of the following things :
    1. Violating the rules or policies relating to the use of networks, servers, computer databases, websites or newsgroups that are accessed by Customer.
    2. Sending or supporting the sending of spam emails to users or any other system that may cause interference to the network or D ~ NET facilities. Sending 'mail-bombs' (bulk e-mail) to users or any other system, duplicating or replying to mail-bombs, or using D~NET website address or web hosting account for profit making purpose through email.
    3. Sending inappropriate or bulk messages to USENET group or if there is notice on a regular basis by a group or a particular administrator to stop the activity.
    4. Violating other parties’ right, including all activities that may cause the distribution of virus, worm, time bomb, Trojan horses, cancel bots or other destructive activities.
    5. Publishing or spreading slanderous, indecent, threatening, or harassing materials, as well as destructing the security of network computing system, or accessing an account without permission.
    6. Making changes or modifications to network header information ("spoofing"), or creating fake user name, source or number of delivery when emailing, unless the activity is intentionally used by the newsgroups to avoid spam email address collectors.
    7. Using or storing IRC bots inside D~NET server. Conducting activities that disturb other IRC users, including flooding, cloning, spoofing, etc.
    8. Relaying emails through any third party system without permission.
    9. Creating a system configuration that enables other parties to relay e-mail or news.
    10. Performing activities that are considered harmful to customers, operations or D~NET reputation.
    11. Providing false information to D ~ NET, including information given in service application submitted online and written, credit card payment information and all data used in agreement.
    12. Attempting to resell D ~ NET services without any consent from D~NET.
    13. Exceeding use of bandwidth or disk space that is beyond the limit allowed.Violating copyright or intellectual property rights of third parties, including trademark, copyright or violating any law or regulation, included and not limited to criminal and civil law. D ~ NET is not responsible for evaluating the validity of an offense.
    14. Violating copyright or intellectual property rights of third parties, including trademark, copyright or violating any law or regulation, included and not limited to criminal and civil law. D ~ NET is not responsible for evaluating the validity of an offense.
  3. Any unauthorized use of account and/or any breach or attempted breach of network security systems that are known by customers shall be reported to D~NET. Customers shall ensure the security of the network and/or the computer, and have no right to give permission to others to use the network for any activities that are against the law. D~NET is not held responsible for the security of data transmission using D~NET services.
  4. D~NET is not responsible for checking or editing all materials published by its customers, as well as the contents of all other websites which, in any way, are published through D~NET services.
  5. D~NET operates in accordance with the law in Indonesia. D~NET shall not, with any intentions, disclose customers’ activities or online communications to any other parties, unless there is an official order from the court or government for such need to protect D~NET, its customers and systems from any harms. D~NET may periodically monitor the online communication link as part of maintenance and quality control.
  6. D~NET shall take any necessary action for any violations according to the level of severity. Investigation which includes gathering information from its customers and the parties suffering from the loss as well as inspecting information on D~NET server will be conducted. Any cost incurred from such case will be billed to the customers. D~NET in this case has the right to conduct all investigations regardless of the clauses in this AUP.
  7. D~NET is not held responsible for any damages and losses suffered by its customers or any third parties as a result of any activities that may be conducted in accordance to the clauses in this AUP. Customers shall indemnify and guarantee D~NET from all charges incurred as a result of such activities which include investigation, warning, data removal and rejection, termination of service or any other activities. This exemption applies to all violations of the clauses in this AUP.
  8. All violations of this AUP shall be reported to D~NET Technical Support by email to
  9. D~NET has the right to change, add, or modify this AUP. All changes and additions shall be effective once the AUP is replaced in D~NET website, and all use of D~NET service thereafter will be under the new AUP
  10. Customers shall adjust the software and tools for using D~NET services. This condition also applies when there are some changes made in its services.