Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a dedicated service ?
  • Quality internet connection service using global and domestic internet network. Dedicated service have symmetric bandwidth benefit where D~NET guarantees that you will get the same speed for both upload and download.

  • Are broadband and dedicated services the same ?
  • Generally, broadband connectivity is a service that has an asymmetric bandwidth concept which means there is a difference in download and upload speed and warranty provided while dedicated connectivity has a symmetric bandwidth concept.
    However, all D ~ NET services have bandwidth symmetric concepts for both dedicated and broadband services. What distinguishes only the portion of bandwidth that customers will get where broadband uses the bandwidth sharing system while the dedicated system uses 1:1 ratio system.

  • What media is used by D~NET ?
  • Generally, D~NET uses wireless media for its network. Besides that, D~NET also provides Fiber Optic media for certain locations.

  • Why should you used D~NET service ?
  • D~NET has more than 19 years experience in supporting business for more than 500 companies. D~NET has also been certified by ISO 9000:1 and implemented ITIL V3 as a form to fulfill IT infrastructure needs in business.
    D~NET also has customer relationship management for dedicated service, and technical support for all services. D~NET has redundant system on its connection which means that when the main connection is interrupted, D~NET customers can still use the service normally.

  • What about D~NET response time in case of problems with my service ?
  • When there is an interruption on our service, you can contact our customer relationship management team during office hours for dedicated service or you may contact our 24 hour technical support.

  • What facilities do I get when I subscribe to dedicated connectivity services ?
  • You will get the best facilities on our services. More information can be found here : premium, corporate, iix dan loop.

  • Does D~NET have an email server service ?
  • We have a messaging solution service, D~NET DREAMS, which is not just focusing on emails but also supporting all internal communication activities for your company.