Smart Wifi Manage Service

Learn and Understand your customers better with D~NET Smart WiFi Manage Service. Decide the right marketing strategies and increase your business revenue. Also equipped with integrated technology to provide ease of all WiFi devices management.

Product Benefits

We provide the best service for your business with various advantages. Here are the benefits that you will get by using the D ~ NET Smart Wifi Manage Service service.

Realtime Monitoring

Directly monitor your internet bandwidth traffic and access point mapping in accordance with the state of the access point in your location.

Automatic Notification

Direct warning via email in case of i nterference on your Access Point device

Gateway Configuration

Configure your gateway device such as bandwidth management, VLAN and so on for the convenience of your business.

Access Point Maintenance

Providing ease for your business to manage all Access Point devices with maintenance or upgrades automation on AP devices.

PMS Integration

Providing ease in integration with existing PMS in your company system.

Various login system

Choose a login system that suits your business needs (Email, QR Code, Social Media, etc.)

Data Analysis

Gathering your customers data and demographics capabilities to create more targeted marketing strategies. Comes with unique, repeating, top login users reports and so on.

Marketing Automation

Simplify your marketing activities with scheduled promotional actions, reports of visitor data, and other e-marketing features.