An email base messaging solution application to support your business process especially in terms of sending and receiving electronic mails and internal communication within the company. Using a secure email method, DREAMS is equipped with various security protocol such as DKIM, SSL, Antivirus and Spam Checker where you can perform email activities safely and conveniently.

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Product Benefits

We provide the best services for your business with various benefits. Here are the benefits you will get by using D~NET DREAMS service

Auto Forward

Forward email automatically to desired email address.

Auto Reply

Reply email automatically to any email address in your mailbox in certain time.

Dreams Chat

Short messaging system to simplify your business operational, equipped with group channel, private message, and file sharing feature.


A web base mail client that can be used by DREAMS users.

File Synchronization

Send email attachment even when experiencing unstable internet connection. Attachment upload process will not be repeated from the beginning.


Integrated calendar that can be used in email clients.

Sender Score

Score mail server condition. Spamming activity will bring negative impact to the sender-score that will affect deliver-ability email level.

Domain Management

Add, remove, and edit domain and sub-domain.

Mailbox Management

Add, remove, and reset password in user mailbox.


Create groups from several mailboxes to receive emails.


A list contains IP, domains, or email addresses that have been granted access to be received or recognized by mailbox.


Decline and erase emails from mailbox that come from certain IP, domain, email addresses.

Email Filter

To sort or block certain words while sending to receiver inbox.


Trigger to other applications to do approvals, send chats, and send posts to social media.

News Management

Add, edit, and remove news which can be broadcasted to all DREAMS user.

Mail Logs

History of emails that has been sent from DREAMS mailbox. This feature consists of date and email status information.