Cloudware Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery solution for companies that need reliability in its business. Cloudware Disaster Recovery serves as a replacement system when the main system encounters problems or disasters such as Fire, Earthquake or even Fatal Damage to the system.

Why Do you need Cloudware Disaster Recovery ?

Product Benefits

We provide the best service for your business with various advantages. Here are the benefits that you will get by using the Cloudware Disaster Recovery service.

Using DELL server technology that is experienced in terms of Cloud infrastructure.

As a Cloud Hybrid that can replace the local data center (data center).

Always ready for recovery during a disaster.

Equipped with advanced security system by encrypting all data.

Supported with fast interconnection and unlimited bandwidth.

Interface display is very easy to set and enable recovery.

Located in the best Data Center in Indonesia, precisely in Bogor.

A 24/7 support team who are ready to assist with your needs.

Supports to all types of data, application programs, and virtualization platforms.

Supported an approved by AnyData Acronis Technology and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).